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Jesse LeCavalier
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a farewell to the physical

Wolfgang Pietsch

potential public infrastructures

Nerea Calvillo

Poiesis Means Making

The world we inhabit is shaped and reshaped by the process of active making. An international, interdisciplinary initiative based at the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University in partnership with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the Poiesis Fellowship seeks to understand this process as well as the products that come out of it.

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Current Poiesis Fellows

Nerea Calvillo
C+ Arquitectos

Naresh Fernandes
Time out India

Orit Halpern
New School for Social Research

Haiyan Huang
Xi’an University of Technology

Monika Krause
University of Kent

Jesse LeCavalier
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Clapperton Mavhunga
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michael McQuarrie
University of California – Davis

Wolfgang Pietsch
Technical University of Munich

Cassim Shepard
Urban Omnibus

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